Webinar Recap: What Mobile Marketers are Looking for in Vietnam

The mobile marketing economy in Vietnam has taken flight over the last couple of years. Over 2.7 billion apps were downloaded just in 2020, with an estimated consumer spend on mobile apps touching close to $300 million. With smartphones becoming the most popular device in the country, new users in rural households have also entered the mobile-first world and marketers are vying for the attention of these previously untapped user segments.

To deep-dive into understanding what mobile marketers are looking for to grow in Vietnam, MAAS came together with AppsFlyer and Aarki for a webinar discussion. Our app experts spoke about scale and optimization, ad fraud, and how unifying your growth channels can put you on the path of app success.

If you missed the webinar or are a global advertiser looking to diversify your campaign’s reach in the Vietnamese market, we have put together a recap:

Explosion of Ad Channels and Navigating the AdTech Maze

Let’s face it: as a growing app, you probably have been dealing with numerous networks and DSPs, all the while not truly knowing which channel offers the best performance at which stage of the user funnel. It’s time to simplify the AdTech maze and unify your app marketing efforts. MAAS platform works on a cost-per-converted user (CPCU) basis to offer conversion that can be based on the transaction (such as a purchase) and consumer acquisition model (such as acquire a new consumer) by exploring multiple channels on a single dashboard. This is where a Unified Platform comes into play. Based on the campaign KPIs, MAAS’ unified platform helps them to find the right mix to put them on the path of UA success. Having one unified dashboard also gives advertisers greater visibility into their campaigns and deeper insights. With unification, the MAAS’ platform works on three levels: audience, quality, and insights. 

Drowning for Data, But Starving for Insights?

Marketers are often drowning in data but starving for insights as today the campaign data is so fragmented and on so many different dashboards that app marketers cannot take any actionable insights from it. How can advertisers slice & dice app marketing data to drive business outcomes? MAAS’ mDMP and mInsight dashboard help advertisers to track any advertising performance metrics and data from the effective channel sources to which creative works out or not. With our competitive intelligence, you can also get actionable insights into how your performance app is competing with market competitors. 

The Privacy and Ad Fraud Conundrum

Vietnam is fairly vulnerable to mobile fraud attacks and protecting your budget and data are key. Android users have a higher fraud rate in Vietnam, while install hijacking contributes the most to fraudulent causes to iOS attribution. According to the mobile experts at AppsFlyer, Vietnam’s ad fraud rate stands close to 22%, and app verticals such as medical, food & drink, and finance face the highest fraud. While fraud can’t be identified and blocked in just one touchpoint, a multi-layered solution can help to ensure 360 protection. This is possible through real-time detection, clustering-based anomaly detection, validation rules, attribution calibration and adding a unique post-attribution layer. 

Besides applying tracking tools, choosing the right channel, right platform, and credible agency/partner company is very important, this helps advertisers avoid wasting time and money. The advertiser needs to set very specific and clear requirements and expectations for the KPIs, from which they will specifically measure and quantify advertising effectiveness.

Want to grow and scale your app in Vietnam? Get in touch with our app growth expert in the Vietnam region Dung Nguyen on email or LinkedIn!

MAAS Diksha Sahni

Diksha Sahni

Diksha currently leads Communications & PR at Affle. With a passion for content marketing, she also takes the lead in crafting compelling narratives for the MAAS Platform. A journalist turned marketer, she has worked in the B2B and AdTech industries and writes on all things mobile on the MAAS Platform blog.

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