Mic’d Up With MAAS Episode 20 : Modern Day Brand-Building With Anish Daryani

Today brand-building has evolved from being a spectacular show to a carefully crafted data-led strategy. How have modern-day brand marketers evolved to blend performance and brand marketing? In our latest episode, Anish Daryani, Founder & President Director, M&C Saatchi (ID) takes us on a tour of modern-day brand-building through the times of Mad Men to Math Men, and looks at what the future of advertising looks like amidst the macro-economic factors.

Tune in to the episode to know more about the convergence of building a relationship and then converting them to measurable leads. Anish goes on further to explain the marriage of creativity and data, impacting and improvising the traditional marketing funnel.


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MAAS Diksha Sahni

Diksha Sahni

Diksha currently leads Communications & PR at Affle. With a passion for content marketing, she also takes the lead in crafting compelling narratives for the MAAS Platform. A journalist turned marketer, she has worked in the B2B and AdTech industries and writes on all things mobile on the MAAS Platform blog.

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