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Unlocking a Connected Future | XL Prioritas x MAAS Platform

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Making Incredible Players of India | Mobile Marketing Case Study | MAAS Platform X Junglee Rummy

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Sensitizing Gamers to Win It All | Mobile Marketing Case Study | MAAS Platform X A23

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Making Insurance Education and Adoption Easier | Case Study | MAAS Platform X Policybazaar

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A Digital Inclusive Banking Future On The Horizon | Mobile Marketing Case Study

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McDonald's - Where Connections Converge! Mobile Marketing Case Study

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Balancing Parenting and Nutrition - It All Starts From Within! Mobile Marketing Case Study

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Bringing Storytelling Back to Heart of India | Mobile Marketing Case Study | MAAS Platform x KukuFM

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India's Fitness Revolution is Here | Mobile Marketing Case Study | Monetization in HealthTech

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#SwiggyHasItAll | Mobile Marketing Case Study | UA in qCommerce | MAAS x Swiggy

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GCash Mo Na Lang 'Yan! | Mobile Marketing Case Study | UA in FinTech

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Indonesia is Lovin' It! Mobile Marketing Case Study | Omnichannel & Gamification in FoodTech

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KFC Leveraged MAAS Platform To Deliver Happiness & Togetherness

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MX Takatak | MAAS | Nurturing Bollywood Badshahs In Every Lane

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My11Circle | MAAS | Making Bharat Hit a Six

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MAAS | HSBC in-fusion Life back into SMEs in Indonesia

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MAAS by Affle | RummyCircle | Omnichannel Cross Media User Acquisition | It's Time To Win It All

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MAAS | Royal Enfield | Mobile-Only User Acquisition Campaign | Made like a gun, goes like a bullet

Shan Foods

Shan Foods recorded a 321% surge in Engagement  


McDonald’s gained 140% surge in registrations  


XL PRIORITAS boosts website visits by 7X


KFC’s in-app orders boosted by 4X


Jago achieved a 75% Increase in Installs


Lactogrow saw a 169% surge in engagement



OneCard gained 174% Growth in Installs



HealthifyMe achieved 345% Growth in Conversion Ratio


50% Increase in Registered Users

Online Loans Pilipinas

OLP Achieved 5X growth in Installs through Channel Diversification and AI-led Targeting


KukuFM achieved 3X growth in subscriptions through MAAS platform localized targeting


Melorra Achieved 150% Increase in UA Campaign Revenue with MAAS ASA Advantage


First Orders Increased by 3X


FinTech App Scaled Conversions by 117% on MAAS Platform


Gradeup Boosts ROAS by 10% with AppsFlyer & MAAS


How Pixum increased their ROI by 2.1X through MAAS unified audience platform

Fintech MAAS Partners

How Affle Helped Fintech Apps Combat the Effects of COVID-19


Shipt Boosts Paid Memberships and Decreases Acquisition Costs by 40%

Rummy Circle

Game Changing: RummyCircle increased users by 242% with MaaS


Meesho Boosts Retention and MoM increase in orders by 117%


Delivering 149% Growth in Orders to Dunzo