Gaming Report:
Game on: A Marketer’s Guide to Winning Mobile Gaming

By 2021, mobile gaming revenue is expected to soar up to 59% in an industry that would be worth over $180 billion. To leverage this, gaming app developers have flooded the app stores. There are 292k+ gaming apps on Apple App Store and 367k+ gaming apps on Google Play Store. This whitepaper from Affle presents actionable insights on mobile gaming to scale user acquisition & drive higher retention across leading gaming categories.

Key Highlights

  • Gaming Industry: Trend Highlights
  • Popular Mobile Gaming Category
  • Numbers That Matter for Gaming Apps
    • Gaming Stats Across Regions
    • Top Revenue Generating Countries
    • Interesting Markets in Mobile Gaming
  • 4 Steps of Building an Effective Marketing Strategy for Mobile Gaming App
    • Leverage Varying Psychology of Gamers
    • Engage and Re-engage Them
    • Pick the Right KPIs and Optimize Their Results
    • Monetize Your App

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