Unlock Smarter Acquisition with Intelligence-Driven Unified Platform

Acquiring users effectively is rooted in using the right intelligence. MAAS Platform's intuitive intelligence offerings empower advertisers to Acquire, Optimize, and Convert through multiple media under one dashboard.

Acquire Users at Scale Through Unified Audience Platform


Reach massive audiences across direct premium publishers, top programmatic exchanges and third-party app stores and devices.


Acquire high-quality user with precision targeting, creative optimisation, and event KPI-based optimisations. Get high ROI with added fraud prevention.


Analyze all your campaign performance data with real-time reporting, actionable insights on managed or self-service platforms with complete transparency.

Diversified Technology Unified
at One Place


Mobile-first DSP connected with top SSPs and publishers. Powered by predictive and look-alike algorithms for audience identification and optimization with complete transparency at media, creative and audience level.


Customer intelligence repository of over 2.1 Billion connected devices profiled to help drive engagement and high-quality conversions at scale through our Data Management Platform (DMP).


ML-based fraud detection system, to highlight multiple kinds of ad fraud including click fraud, attribution fraud, bot, VPN, device farm, fake users and fake events, to help drive real ROAS.


Access to fully transparent and granular reporting for in-depth analysis across publishers and channels.

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Get Actionable Insights for Your Campaigns Across Channels

Analyze all your campaign performance across various supply channels & audiences with actionable insights on a self-serve or managed dashboard.

Target With Better Precision

Get more accurate results for your campaigns by using specific insights derived for behavioral segments and cohorts.

Quickly Identify Trends

Be the first one to spot important correlations hidden in piles of data. Rely on our trend reports to influence your product strategy.

Personalize Your Services

Improve the engagement of your App by identifying the most valuable users and reach out to them using personalized messages.

Drive Greater Conversions

Make intelligent decisions by narrowing down on those events which will most likely lead to easy conversions.

KPI-Based Optimization

Leverage on our tailor-made services to suit your marketing efforts. Make use of Custom Cohorts to optimize your campaigns based on predefined KPIs.

Map User

Map your users by understanding their in-app usage behaviour. Starting from activity details to purchase history, keep track of everything.

Creative Suite That Delivers Enhanced Engagement

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